FAQ and Policies

Do you accept Refunds, Returns or Exchanges?
  • No Refunds,  Returns or Exchanges on custom made items.

Do you provide the items being customized?
   • No I only provide  trays, incense holders, wooden earrings and computer chairs.

Do you ship internationally?
   • For custom designs, I ship to any country, But customer ALWAYS pays shipping fees.
Can anyone order customs from you?
   • Yes I am always accepting orders from paying customers.

Does your work last long?
   • Yes my work is fully durable and wearable.  Just please remember it is artwork, so treat it as such to get the most wear out of it.

Can I provide used items to be customized?
   • All items must be new

Do you only customize shoes?
   No, I customize 
Wooden earrings 
Computer chairs and much much more.

Do you offer free work in return for a shout out /collaboration?
   • No work is free under any circumstances. 

What is your payment policy?
   •Payment must be made in full in order to reserve your spot on my order list.

How do I place an order?
   •Please read the custom work section first.
   • Then  fill out  the contact order request form on my website.

I DO NOT  do other artist work, nor do I do logo work.